London Ivy Removal
London Ivy Removal
Removal of Problem Ivy by London's Leading Invasive Weed Contractor
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Ivy Removal

Control and removal of nuisance ivy

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95% of our work comes through recommendation - a fact that speaks volumes.

Nuisance Weed Removal

Other Weeds

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We specialise in the removal and control of ivy, along with other problem plants, such as Ragwort, Buddleia, Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed and Himalayan Balsam.

We work for commercial business, London councils and the residential sector. The photo below shows a recently completed job for Camden Council. For Health & Safety reasons, scaffolding was erected around the lift tower to aid the removal process.

Ivy Removal

Ivy Damage to Property & Trees

Uncontrolled Ivy can become a pest, causing damage to property, especially around door and window openings.

If your brickwork is in condition, ivy will not cause any significant damage. However, ivy will exploit any structural faults, leading in deterioration of mortar and brickwork, and possibly causing small fractures to widen into major structural faults. Guttering is also prone to ivy damage.

Ivy does not usually damage trees, but a tree or it's branches, weakened from fungus or insect infection, may be a risk of falling due to the extra weight of the ivy. On rare occasions ivy can cause tree death by choking

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How We Can Help - Ivy Removal

If you are having a problem with nuisance ivy, contact us. We have full NPCT Pesticide Certification (a legal requirement when using herbicides) and we are also Licensed Waste Carriers.

DIY Ivy Removal Video by VideoJug

On smaller projects we send out two man teams with ladders. Larger projects may involve the use of cherry pickers, (mobile platforms) and occasionally we may need to erect scaffolding in order to complete the removal safely

Please note that the Wildlife and Country Side Act states that nesting birds are legally protected at all times and cannot be disturbed. All our Ivy Removal work MUST take this into account . Work is scheduled around the nesting season.

We have a high profile client list which includes

  • London Councils such as Camden
  • Housing Associations
  • Commercial Landlords
  • Architects and Surveyors
  • Property Developers

Our happy customers, love our affordable, cost effective prices. We are able to supply a set of wow factor checkable references on request.

Give us a call for help and advice on any Ivy Removal Problem.

Recent Projects

NPTC PA1/PA6 Herbicide Qualified

We have NPTC PA1/PA certification in the use of pesticides. This is a legal requirement when contractors are spraying or stem injecting dangerous herbicides on your property

This is a Legal Requirement

Both YOU and your contractor can be prosecuted if herbicides are used unlawfully on your property

NPTC Pesticide Qualifications

Inspection & Survey Report

Professional ivy survey reports for councils and property developers, insurance companies and mortgage lenders

The survey report details the extent of the problem, the damage caused and an estimated cost for remedial works.

Inspection and Survey

We are Licensed Waste Carriers

We have a Waste Carrier License from the Environment Agency

This is a Legal Requirement

This is a legal requirement to transport some invasive weeds such as Japanese Knotweed.

It also means that all problem weeds are disposed of in a bio secure way.

Licensed Waste Carriers

Ivy Removal Methods

  • Herbicidal Spraying
  • Herbicidal Stem Injection
  • Stem and Pull
  • Digging out
  • Root Barriers
  • Combined Methods

On most residential property we prefer not to use herbicides. The main method used is to cut the base of the stem and carefully pull the plant away from the brick work.

Herbicides and root barriers are used as eradication techniques. Click the link below for more info on removal methods

Ivy Removal Methods

Customer Reviews

Over 90% of our work is through customer recommendation

We have many satisfied clients can provide a set of out standing checkable references from our outstanding client list.

Customer Reviews

Other Problem Plants

We offer an invasive weed removal service as well as dealing with other problem plants.

We deal with

  • Buddleia
  • Giant Hogweed
  • Ragwort
  • Himalayan Balsam
  • Japanese Knotweed

Invasive and Problem Weeds

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