Himalayan Balsam Removal
Himalayan Balsam Removal
Himalayan Balsam Eradication and Control - Safe and Bio-Secure Removal
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How to identify Himalayan Balsam

A tall, attractive, annual herb growing to about 2 metres and well known for exploding seed pods. The mature is easily identified by purple-pink flowers, however, young plants, seedlings and the previous years dead vegetation may cause identification problems.

Himalayan Balsam is dominate over UK species, out competing other plants in ecologically vulnerable areas, causing a significant drop in bio diversity. It grows in dense stands along river banks and can impede water flow at times of high rainfall, increasing the likelihood of flooding. Die back of extensive stands over winter can also leave river banks bare and exposed to erosion.

PDFDownload the excellent Identification Guide to Himalayan Balsam produced by Defra

The video below was produced by thepoisongarden.co.uk for Identification of Himalayan Balsam

How We Can Help

The best way control of Himalayan Balsam is to prevent the plant from seeding. Grazing, pulling or cutting the plants before seed heads have formed is the way forward.. Management is required annually until there is no more growth.

We have been dealing with Himalayan Balsam infestations for a number of years on behalf of property developers and local councils such as Camden. Our research has shown that the plant seeds are viable for just one year. Effective strimming, cutting, pulling and up rooting before seeding can achieve complete eradication in one season. Close site supervison is necessary as seedlings can sprout up as late as November.

PDFDownload the excellent Himalayan Balsam Control Methods

Why Choose Us?
  • We have vast experience in all removal techniques working for local councils such as Camden
  • Our team are all fully NPTC qualified on the lawful use of pesticides.
  • We are Licensed Waste Carriers which is a legal requirement for removing hazardous waste such as Japanese Knotweed and disposing in a bio secure manner at suitable landfill sites
  • We have a wow factor client list
  • Checkable list of references available from our many happy customers

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